In the development cycle of complex products, systems or plants, there are permanent opportunities to profitably apply statistical tools such as experimental design or reliability methodology.

  • Product development

What product performance in customer hands is demanded/required? In the concept phase, we help you to define service life, reliability and availability targets for your product.

  • Testing

In the prototype phase, we work with you to determine the adequate number of parts required with the help of sample and test plans. This on the one hand avoids futile testing and on the other hand argues why a certain minimum number of samples is necessary.

  • Failure Analysis

In the case of frequent failures in real operation, we analyze the field data and try to determine their causes by using data-based stochastic models. In addition, these models are used to extrapolate how big a problem can become over time.

Project execution

You contact us with a task and describe the problem. In the further course it may be necessary to provide us with the data necessary for the analysis. We collaborate tightly with you in workshops to develop the target of the project and a common understanding of the data. We then carry out the analysis and present the results online or directly at your location. In addition to the necessary personal on-site appointments, meetings are also held online or via web- conferences. This saves your budget and saves the environment.